We know that you have lots of friends or associates in your networks who are fellow creatives/influencers. 

Scentwork is all about sharing the love of fragrance and encouraging followers to share the QR code to be rewarded with points that they can get upgrades, freebies and convert to cash.

Here’s the great bit, if you introduce a fellow creative/influencer and they go on to create their own brand their QR code will be connected to yours, which means that you will get a percentage of their sales 4 tiers down, so they become your tier 1! 

Think about the size of their following and how the QR code connected to you can spread!!

Think about your fellow creatives/Influencers having the opportunity to create their own personalized brand! 

Think of the followers who can share the QR code and also be rewarded with points.

Remember: It doesn’t matter if they purchase an influencer brand, gift or create their own, the commission structure is the same.

Remember: It is frictionless selling, there is no subscription fee, no bulk buying, no ‘’recruitment’’ just simply sharing the QR code and doing what followers will normally do!

This is the perfect win, win, win situation!

SO, why not reach out to your network and refer your fellow creatives/influencers today!